Company Profile

Vitruvius Limited is a Multi Disciplinary Consultancy formed in 2010 by Neil Mason.  

We work in a seamless manner with our clients, to improve our clients’ service delivery, particularly in technical environments,  utilising the technical resource and expertise of personnel within our offices.

Our business model is based on business relationships. Our relationships are built on reputation and trust.

While the Company is modest in size this has not affected the scale of projects successfully completed by the Company with several projects in excess of $20m.  Many of our clients are National organisations. All offer us repeat business.

 “ To be a trusted provider of professional services that enable our clients to achieve their goals and objectives”

Business can be enjoyable, we should all want to come to work and be a part of something good and strong.



We aspire to run and operate a sustainable business through the development of ongoing relationships with customers who value us.

“To build client relationships in order to create innovative solutions designed to deliver excellence within industry”

For our clients - to add value to our clients by helping them deliver their goals and fulfil their objectives.

For our staff - Building a work based environment which is enjoyable, with colleagues who are our friends.

“If you think that using professionals is expensive, wait until you try using amateurs”  Paul ‘Red’ Adair.

If a client doesn’t value us then how can we expect the relationship to last, lasting relationships = lasting business.

Our values include the following:

  • Zero Harm
    • First priority is our safety, client safety, and environmental safety
    • Speak up when it matters
    • Work with people to improve safety
    • Take action on expert advice that delivers a safer workplace
  • Relationships built on trust
    • Know what the client needs
    • No mixed messages
    • Always act with integrity
    • Deliver on our commitments
    • Focus on client achievement
  • Deliver expert advice
    • Only operate where we are experts in that field
    • Deliver results like experts
    • Be experts through maintaining knowledge of the latest technology
  • Innovation and Solution
    • Always thinking outside the square
    • Commit to finding a better way
    • Solution meets objectives, not just action
    • Collaborative thinking is normal
  • Make Work Enjoyable
    • Acknowledge success with team and clients
    • Make time to enjoy each other’s company
    • Reflect on the journey
    • Take time out to have fun

We deliver our customers’ needs through the application of three simple rules;

  1. Only operate in areas where we are experts
    We are not a large high street consultancy or contractor base.  In most cases this is a benefit but it does require the application of discipline to stop us wandering off into areas where we don’t add value
  2. Get to the point
    The business is focused on the start, middle and end of every project.  We are not a group who will tread water and act as “caretakers” whilst our clients lose time and waste money.   We define the scope, deliver the project and move on.
  3. Be human
    We never hide behind the Vitruvius brand or the work of others.  Honesty and integrity allow us to build and maintain great relationships.  Those who do not value relationships are not those who we choose to work alongside.

As experienced and educated professionals we are fortunate enough to have choices.  We simply choose to do the things we enjoy.

We believe that if you enjoy it, you will do it well and strive to improve without the need to meet the goals and objectives of others.

Enjoy your work or pack up and go home, rest, refresh and return.  Unhappiness in the work place is not sustainable for you, your peers or your clients.

The business model for Vitruvius is focused on one primary goal; to help our clients.

This model is easy to grasp.  We help clients meet their goals and objectives.  Their success is directly related to our success.  If they fail, we fail.  Our services span technical solutions as well as team building, leadership and strategic advice, to ensure that technical solutions are adopted across the clients organisation.

Sometimes this means helping them make their objective more realistic, constructing a clear strategy with them and then helping them plan and deliver their projects.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio       (born c. 80–70 BC, died after c. 15 BC)

Vitruvius was an architect in the 1st Century BC and is sometimes loosely referred to as the first architect.

The word architect derives from Greek words meaning 'master' and 'builder', and in Roman times architecture was a broader subject than at present including the modern fields of architecture, construction management, construction engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, military engineering and urban planning. 

He was not actually the first architect; it is more accurate to say that he was the first Roman architect to have surviving written records in his field.  He was the author of De architectura, known today as The Ten Books on Architecture. In these writings he asserted that a structure must exhibit the three qualities of firmitas, utilitas, venustas – it must be solid, useful, beautiful. These are sometimes termed the Vitruvian Virtues or the Vitruvian Triad.

The Greeks, when perfecting the art of building, invented the architectural orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. It gave them a sense of proportion, culminating in understanding the proportions of the greatest work of art: the human body. This led Vitruvius in defining his Vitruvian Man, as drawn later by Leonardo da Vinci: the human body inscribed in the circle and the square (the fundamental geometric patterns of the cosmic order).