Surveying & Set Out

Vitruvius can assist clients to carry out a subdivision or land development project.

Vitruvius can assist clients to carry out a subdivision or land development project.  The team has many years of experience in these fields and can provide advice, apply for the necessary consents, carry out Land Transfer and topographical surveys, prepare plans and generally assist with all stages of a subdivision or land development project.

Vitruvius’s licensed Cadastral Surveyor has extensive knowledge relating to land and development legislation, land rights and resource management, which can make a significant contribution to the overall success of your project.

Our survey team is fully equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and utilise 12D software, which is compatible with most of the engineering design and drafting packages available in the market today.  The software enables us to transfer surveying information rapidly from the instrument to the computer program and vice versa, giving us the ability to produce accurate and high quality results in a timely manner with a greater degree of certainty than has previously been possible.

We use Leica Viva GNSS system with fully robotic TS15 Total Station.  Global positioning uses satellite technology and is one of the most significant technical advances in the surveying and mapping industry in recent years. The possibilities and scope of GPS (or more correctly, GNSS) surveys are immense.

We pride ourselves with being at the forefront of technological change.

We are experts at manipulating Land Information NZ's Landonline internet database and plan electronic lodgement system.

We specialise in:

  • Rural and Urban Subdivisions   
  • Resource Consents
  • Topographic Surveying              
  • Land Transfer Surveying
  • Engineering Surveying
  • Boundary Redefinition
  • Subdivisional Engineering          
  • Asset Data Collection