Transport Engineering

Vitruvius has great capability across the transport infrastructure industry in a number of particular disciplines Including design, delivery and contract administration.

The team has excellent skills in the technical elements required to develop a project from the concept phases though to construction and commissioning.

To support the technical aspects of the projects we have a team of professionals who can lead and advise our Client’s though the Journey and ensure the right outcome is achieved as Smoothly and efficiently as practicable.

Our specialty starts with our ability to break down the Initial objectives and evaluate the potential solutions before committing time and resources to the wrong or less beneficial answer.

Our Civil Engineering Team is complete including Executives who can communicate on all political and influential levels, supported by Designers and surveyors for a total In-house service.  Our Design Team is led by Modelling capability which capitalises on the data capture straight from the survey files.  From the modelling elements our Civil Designers look to employ standards and best practice when developing a value Solution which meets the Client and stakeholder’s requirements.

In addition to the traditional survey and design capability Vitruvius also offer the diverse skills and ability to deliver analysis though optioneering and multi-criteria assessments to research and review what the best outcome might be for our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from others through our team and individuals. We pride ourselves on enjoying our work and working closely with the Clients with a ‘one team, one objective” approach. Because of this style of delivery, we can get close to our stakeholders and share the journey as one cohesive team. Both emotion and relationships are important to you and essential to Vitruvius.